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Megaman Lighting

Megaman Lighting

Megaman has become established as a leading manufacturer of low energy light bulbs; recognised worldwide as an innovative leader in exceptional lamp design.

Hull Lighting are delighted to stock Megaman LED Lamps, with patented Thermal Conductive HighwayTM (TCH) technology giving the lamps a longer life and high lumen maintenance, resulting in 85% of initial lumens being available even at the end of lamp life.

Hull Lighting also offers Megaman Compact Fluorescent Lamps which are Liquid Mercury Free offering a safer, more eco-friendly product. Megaman dimmable lamps offer the choice of full light output or dimmed, mood-sensitive illumination.

Megaman technology amplifies luminous intensity by 20% and creates a more concentrated light cone for our reflector series, allowing 80% or or more light output within an angle of 120 degrees and complying with EU regulations (EC244/2009).

Megaman Lamps